January, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Dion Meeting Minutes

-January 8, 2018

Attendees: Shimon Edut, Rabbi Dorit, Sharon Curran, Fred Cislo Jr., Bishop Barnes, Mrs. Barnes, Rev. David Kasbow Cass Charrette, Jennifer Young, Helen Barnes, Barbara Emerson, Janet Meir, Rev. Diane Van Marter (on conference call), Stephanie Day.

 Minutes were read as written in silence, approved and accepted. No additionss or corrections made.

Welcome and Intro

Member’s telephone numbers and addresses were recorded for future use. Round table introductions followed by welcomes were from each member.

Treasurer’s Report

Rabbi Dorit announced that cards were sent to each birthday member for the month of Nov. and Dec. There are no birthdays in Jan. or Feb. of those present or of other members as known . Pastor Diane Van Marter officially became Interim Treasurer as of Jan. 1 until our General Elections in June. All business material will be turned over to her from Mr. David Meir who is retiring from the Treasurer’s position

At present, one deposit was made from the proceeds of the theater event in the amount of $405 on Dec. 22.  An expense of $3 incurred from the bank.  The mystery check number 243 in the amount of $50 was given to Stephanie Day for games and prizes at the 2017 Picnic.  Last month $42 was paid to the Holocaust Museum for our guided tour there – this covers the expense of those who paid DION directly for this tour  Several others paid the Museum(. The attendance at this Cultural Outing was good.close to 30)  Bank balance is $4,712.31.  Saving acct. is $2,000. Each year   $2,000 will be deposited in a separate savings account to raise seed money for a large-scale fundraiser event in five years, as was decided on by the Board during the Strategic Planning Sessions. We received two donations, Mr. Harris and Pastor Guice.  The total was $125.

The suggestion of having two people sign up to bring food for the meeting each month was rejected. A decision was made that everyone should contribute a little something at each meeting.

Committee’s Reports

The Interfaith Coffee Concert will be held on Sun. January 21 from 4p to 6p. Flyers were made by Barbara’s daughter Roz and sent via the email.  Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door.  Shimon will collect the money at the door. The featured musician will be Amy Saari and her Choir.  Everyone was asked to bring non-perishable food to help feed under privileged people who are fed at the mosque twice a week.  More tickets need to be sold. Some members were given tickets to sell.

Education Report

Janet gave a report on how the tutoring classes were doing.  We are in need for more tutors. DION is asking volunteers to have patience and be nice. Minimum time is one hour, one day a week.  Career Day is in April. 

T-Shirt Fundraiser

T-Shirts are ready to be sold.  Rabbi Dorit suggested we all wear them at the concert.  They are light blue with DION’s logo. We are charging $16 @ and will only make $8 on each one; we have 50 to sell as our first order.

Cultural Trip

Jennifer Young is planning the trip for next month, in February,  to the Arab American Museum in Dearborn. The date will be Sunday, Feb. 18, from 2-4pm.  Tickets are $5 for seniors and students, $10 for other adults and we will have a guide who will also show us the special exhibit call “THEM”. People need to RSVP to Rabbi Dorit or Jennifer.

Summer Picnic

Summer Picnic for 2018 will be chaired by Barbara Emerson.  It will be held on the first Sunday of August, this year August 5 at Belle Isle. The first  Picnic Committee meeting will be in Feb and will be announced soon.

Partner’s Reports

Rev. Kasbow gave insight on the  Renewal of Marriage Vows Ceremony which will take place at his Metro Family Church on Feb 11 at 2pm.

Cass gave an overview about the development of her organization Democrary Circles -  in Ferndale. Her goal is to help eradicate homelessness and hunger.

Pastor Barnes talked about issues he has with the large property around his church in Hamtramck which is often used as a dumping ground. DION helped to clean it over a year ago. Diane suggested he think about making a garden there or a park/playground for neighborhood children. 

 Jennifer shared information about her fundraising organization., Interfaith Power and Light, and their work in Detroit .

Warm-up Detroit- Martti Peeples was not able to be with us tonight.  She wants to donate a coupon to give to a needy family.  They will receive a week’s worth of groceries.

World Sabbath is March 11, at Christ Church Cranbrook.They are still looking for children to make peace banners and learn the peace song ( on their website

Mr. Morris Dees, great Civil Rights leader and head of the Southern Poverty Law Center will be at Detroit Unity Church on Sunday, Jan. 28  at 10 a.m.

Martin Luther King Program was held at New Mt. Moriah Church, and Jewish Community Relation Council partnered with the church on this event on Jan. 14.

Respectively Submitted by the Recording Secretary

Sandra Terry